Safety Information

Navigational warning no.30/2017

Diving  fishing  cup  on  June  25th  from  0800  till  1600  hrs lt  in area between Cape Volujica  and  Old Town  of  Ulcinj. All  vessels  are  requested  to  pay maximum  attention  and  navigate  carefully  stop                                             

Navigational warning no.09/2017

Underwater activities on marked sea area from Cape Platamuni to open sea in radius of 2 NM from April 10-th to June 25-th 2017. every day except Sunday, bettwen 0900 and 1700 hrs LT All ships are requested to pay maxinum attention and navigate careffuly stop

Navigational warning no.50/2016

Owing to works in Bay of Sutomore prohibited navigation, fishing, anchoring and all kinds of underwater activities in radious of 1NM from following position: 42 07.652N  019 02.206E stop

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